Metal Bar is a basic component for other Blacksmithing Weapon Components.

Ingredients Edit

Variations Edit

  • Copper + Gold + Gold: Rose Gold (Critical Hit)
  • Silver + Gold + Gold: Green Gold (Combat Resource Regen)
  • Silver + Silver + Silver: Silver Bar (Resource)
  • Gold + Gold + Gold: Gold Bar (Support Power)
  • Iron + Iron + Iron: Iron Bar (Attack Power)
  • Tin + Gold + Gold: Crown Gold (Stamina Regen)
  • Tin + Silver + Silver: Diseased Silver Bar (Damage Bonus: Disease)
  • Iron + Silver + Silver: Icy Silver Bar (Damage Bonus: Ice)
  • Copper + Copper + Copper: Copper Bar (Critical Hit Chance)
  • Copper + Silver + Silver: Sterling Bar (Resource Regen)

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